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King Mojo Records
Beau Hall Big Shanty Bill Stewart
and the ATL
Diane Durett Dustin "Rho Diablo" Sargent Grinderswitch Liz Melendez
"Funk, Rock, Fun" Hard luck, hard times, hard women. "Grooove Jazz" "She's the cutting edge of blue-eyed soul." The New Jazz. Legendary Southern Rock band brought it back! Pure Guitar Excitement.
Mike Lowry Little Phil Polk Street Blues Band   Russell Gulley T G Z True Believers Wet Willie Band
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Exciting - talent - the real deal! Southern Soul Sensation. Roots-Rock, and high-flying jams. The roots of Muscle Shoals. Talent, Passion and Imagination! Roadhouse
"Keep on Smilin"


1981 -
Flashback; The Original Rabbit Records Crew

(L to R) Dick, Becky Bondia, Al Moss
(Photo Courtesy of Herb Kossover)
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DWA and Rabbit Records Macon 1976
D Wooley scrapbook
1976 - Atlantic Records backed Rabbit Records and Dick Wooley Associates, Dick (center below) signing the great Southern Rock band Grinderswitch and the Winters Brothers Band. Later that year both bands albums climbed the charts.  In 1978 -  Before releasing their debut album Molly Hatchet band signed with Dick Wooley Associates to promote the first release that started it all.
(LtoR) Ricky Burnett, Dru Lumbar, Joe Dan Petty, Dick Wooley, Stephen Miller, Larry Howard.
Molly Hatchet, 1978
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Grinderswitch, 1976
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Winters Brothers, 1976
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Presidential candidate Jimmy Carter and Dick Wooley
chat on the campaign trail in Atlanta, 1976

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- Flashback; July, Fortune Magazine, the Capricorn Records story featured Phil, Frank and Dick.

VP of Promotion Dick Wooley and assistant Jennie Moore


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March - 1974


 Dick with the first Allman Brothers Band
gold / platinum album, "Eat A Peach".

(Photo Courtesy of "Sidney Smith")


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1973Flashback; Dick Wooley assembled a nationwide radio network with over 150 radio station.

Dick's network, (CapCom) broadcast New Years shows featuring The Allman Brothers Band and Wet Willie in 1973.      The next year, The Allman Brothers Band and Marshall Tucker Band were broadcast live on the CapCom Radio Network, a first-of-its-kind coast-to-coast radio show that pioneered vertically integrated artists promotion. The 1974 CapCom Radio New Year's show was broadcast to 40 million listeners world-wide, it solidified The Allman Brothers Band as the Number One Southern, Rock, Best damn Jam band ever... and launched the decades-long career of classic song stylists Marshall Tucker Band.

   1974 - New Years Eve Event Poster and Headline Story in Music Trade R&R.
R&R estimated there were 40 million listeners  worldwide.



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Capricorn Records, Big Three


VP of Promotions: DICK WOOLEY,
President: PHIL WALDEN
( 1972, Photo Courtesy of Rob Durner-Fenter )

Check out great photo journalism in the Historic Atlanta-Macon music scene
Carter Tomassi click here - Jerry Womack click here
- Phillip Rauls  click here


                  1970's - Flashback; Some of the great Capricorn Album covers.




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1966 - Flashback; Carolina radio stations broke the "Girl Watcher" single, it cost the band $400 to produce, (big money then) and the single has been featured on millions of radio spins and shag DJ turntables, not to mention the hundreds of TV / Radio commercials. The song is a shag dance classic on the Carolina strand.


- Dick's First Gold Record

  "Girl Watcher"

By The Okasions

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