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Scrapbook Pix
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By Kiki Lee

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Check out great photos from the Historic Atlanta-Macon music scene by:
Carter Tomassi click
- Phillip Rauls  click

450-Frank__Dick_Wooley_and_Phil_Circa_1975.jpg (37159 bytes)
Frank, Dick and Phil party for ABB's platinum
album "Eat A Peach" Macon 1974
Photo courtesy of Rob Fenter
Click Play - Allman Brothers, Macon Georgia
Click Play - Otis sings "I been loving you too long"

gold-me.jpg (7589 bytes)
Dick Wooley with ABB's
First Gold Album
"Eat A Peach"
dw_dicky_frank.jpg (3753 bytes)
Dicky Betts,
Dick Wooley
& Frank Fenter
duane-barry.jpg (7751 bytes)
Berry Oakley and Duane Allman
fortune_small.jpg (5186 bytes)
Dick Wooley in
Fortune Magazine
July 1975
 about.4.jpg (4499 bytes)
The Allman Brothers Band
duane1-2.jpg (12421 bytes)
Duane Allman
Otis_Jimi_in_Monterey_1967-1.jpg (53322 bytes)
Otis Redding and Jimi Hendrix at Monterey Pop Festival 1967

Photo courtesy of Alan Walden
Frank__Dick_Wooley__Phil_small.jpg (6428 bytes)
Frank Fenter, Dick Wooley, Phil Walden

Taking a break at the Big Shanty video shoot 2006
Drummer Scott Robertson, Lead Guitar Liz Melendez
D W scrapbook
Click Play- Big Shanty "Killing Fields"

Click Play
- Molly Hatchet "Satisfied Man"
450-billdickal.jpg (49813 bytes)Bill Davis, Dick, Al Moss and James celebrate
Marshall Tucker Gold Macon 1974
Photo courtesy of Rob Fenter
450-Phillip_Dick_W_prauls.jpg (74334 bytes)
Phillip Rauls and Dick at a Capricorn Picnic 1975
Photo courtesy of Phillip Rauls
450-Macon_early_1970_s.jpg (50041 bytes)
top -Frank Fenter, Dick & Joan,
bottom -Sandy Blue Sky, Lynn & Mike

Photo courtesy of Rob Fenter
Watkins_Glen_Poster.jpg (65528 bytes)
Watkins Glen "900 Thousand" People 1973
D W Archive
$1500 only (3) left
450-greg.jpg (40420 bytes)
top- Bill Stewart, The Cowboys 1974
bottom - Greg Allman, Chuck Leavell

Photo courtesy of Tommy Talton

small-me_-_gold_record.jpg (27609 bytes)
Dick with ABB's First Gold Album 1974
Photo courtesy of Sidney Smith
450-CowboyMadBus.jpg (21230 bytes)
Cowboy on the Mad Bus 1974
Photo courtesy of Tommy Talton
450-bonnie-tommy.jpg (20728 bytes)
Bonnie Bramlett and Tommy Talton "CRS" Macon 2006
D W scrapbook

Dicky Betts, Dick Wooley, Frank Fenter
(1972) D W scrapbook
450-HGBsigning600x600.jpg (21090 bytes)
Col. Bruce and the "Hampton Grease Band"
Frank, Bunky and Phil
459-b.jpg (15264 bytes)
Bobby Whitlock & Co Co Broadcast
Nashville 2006
,  D W scrapbook
Bobby Whitlock & Eric Clapton - "Bell Botom Blues"
450-walnut_street_office4.jpg (28074 bytes)
DWA and Rabbit Records Office Macon 1976
D W scrapbook 

Jack and Jimmy Hall "Wet Willie" 2007
D W scrapbook
450-DSCN00230015.jpg (36884 bytes)
Diane Durrett 2007
D W scrapbook
Click Play - "Wet Willie Live"
mushroom.jpg (38149 bytes)
1972 Mushroom sticker by Flouranoy Holmes
D W Archive
ABB_Papers.jpg (17830 bytes)
1972  ABB Rolling Papers
D W Archive
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